Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13- Day 9,10 &11

Day 8 (June 10) was a wash out at Reeslor Ranch. Literally.  We spent the day in the trailer as the rain pelted down all day.  It seems to be worse in the high country as we were right in the clouds in the Cypress Hills.  It was better Monday as we left the ranch.  It was 33 Kilomters out to the highway and when we got there we heard air leaking from the rear tire on the trailer.  I unhooked the trailer and left it in Walsh as we headed as fast as we could to Medicine Hat hoping the tire wouldn't fully collapse.  We made it and got it fixed.  Headed back the 60 k to the trailer only to find out the tire was still leaking...
Decided to hook up and headed to Maple Creek Sask. where we found Kal Tire.  They found a hole the other idiots didn't.  We eventually pulled into The Crossing RV and B&B around 6PM.          This is adjacent to Grasslands National Park.  Day 11 (Tuesday) Dian and I toured the park and it is spectacular if you like badlands type scenery.  The weather was hot and there were things to photograph everywhere.

Typical scenery at Grasslands.  We heard a Golden Eagle is nesting up there so waiting for a chance to hike up.

I was photographing this old house at the Maple Creek Winery when a lady pulled up and said she was the owner.  It was built in 1893 and had raised all her ancestors.

This was shot at the Reeslors Ranch.  I couldn't help naming it "Scotties Bar and Grill"
after the proprietor.

I think this is Brewers.  Any thoughts?

Dian saw a hawk flush up some large birds in the distance.  Hoping they might be Sage Grouse we hiked over.  We found a couple of Curlews and Godwits.

I have no idea what this flower is but it is large, beautiful and showy.  Dian thought someone had put some plastic flowers in.

Horned Lark.  Not a great picture but not easy to capture.  Maybe I'll get another better one.

Another bird that is plentiful but difficult to photograph because of the lack of contrast.  The eye and head are both black.  Lark Bunting.

Speaking of Larks, here is a Lark Sparrow.

Marbeled Godwit.  Quite common in the Grasslands.

Common Nighthawks seem to be everywhere.  An old corral had 12 sitting on various posts.  Our host here says they are not as common as they used to be.

Ring-necked Pheasant doesn't seem to like me.

Ruddy Ducks are really quite comical when they try to impress a lady.

Our site at The Crossing.  You can also rent Tipis here.  A young couple from Quebec are          presently staying in one.

Driving out the driveway yesterday we encountered this Upland Sandpiper.

Vesper Sparrow.

We found a Sharp-tailed Grouse lek and managed a few shots before the clouds made shooting difficult.  Maybe have better luck later in the week.

We will probably stay here a few days and leave Saturday.  There is so much to see.  Buffalo were reintroduced a few years ago and we have seen lots.  Rattlesnakes, Swift Fox, Black-footed Ferrets, Sage Grouse-all rare but we have high hopes.  

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