Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2 2012-day 1  We left Abbotsford this morning with the windshield wipers slapping out a tempo but by the time we got over the Coquihalla summit and into Kamloops the sun was shining and the temperature was 18 degrees.  Our hosts, Neil and Wilma, graciously welcomed us and had lasagna in the oven.

Our RV site for the night

                                                                                    Neil and Wilma

They invited us to go on a short hike before dinner so we headed into the Tranquille area.  They had witnessed someone kill a couple of Rattle Snakes in the area.  Apparently someone had smashed the life out of them with a shovel because they were to close for comfort.  The snakes had also provided souvenirs for the kids with their rattles.  Another reduction to a highly endangered species by ignorance.

We did manage to get a few birds for our trip on the hike.  Some birds we find uncommon on the coast are a dime a dozen here.

Mountain Bluebird

Says Phoebe

Western Kingbird

After dinner I headed out into the grasslands to try my hand at some HDR photography.  I am still learning this process but here are a couple of  attempts at a shot of the grasslands .

Day 2 will see us heading out east towards Golden, BC where will spend the night before heading into Alberta.  This will be the first stage of our 2 1/2 month trip into Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories and eventually back home in August if everything goes well.  Stay tuned.

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