Friday, June 8, 2012

June 6,7,8. Reesor Ranch- Day 5&6

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the last blog.  The kingbird ID has been noted and corrected.  One way to find out how many people read your blog is to post a wrong ID : > ). I told you writing a blog at Timmys was stressful.  We left the Tillebrook Campsite in Brooks on Wednesday after a night of terrific rain and thunderstorms.  A tornado touched down somewhere around us.  It only took a few hours to arrive at the Reesor Ranch in the Cypress Hills where we will stay until Monday.
Yesterday (Thursday) we drove to Onefour, Manyberries and Pakowki Lake.  It was a long circle route but we found some interesting birds.  Especially at Pakowki.  The Mountain Plover still eludes us.  The following 3 pictures were left over from Brooks.

American Goldfinch at the entertaining faucet.

                                    Robin nest about 5 feet from our trailer window at Tillebrooke

                                               Yellow-headed Blackbird west of Brooks

                The following are shots taken on our circle tour to southeastern Alberta yesterday.

Avocet at Pakowki

Antelope are everywhere and I can't resist photographing them.

Photographing Barn Swallows in flight is like picking up jello with your fingers.

Pair of Eared Grebes in courtship mode.

We saw a few Feruginous Hawks.  They don't seem as skitish as other hawks. 

A coyote and antelope were chasing each other in a field and this gopher was on a fence post watching them.  

Loggerhead Shrikes are common here.

This muskrat would have let me stroke him I'm sure.

Western Grebes in courtship mode.

We were happy to find White-faced Ibis at Pakowki.

I got quite a few shots of the Ibis only to find out most were overexposed.

We will be heading to Fort Walsh today (Friday) under cloudy skies.

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