Monday, July 2, 2012

June 22-July 2 2012-Saskatoon to Edmonton

Well the last 10 days have been mostly taken up with visiting relatives.  For those following us on the blog for birds and photography this episode will be quite boring.  From Saskatoon we went to Wainwright were we stayed with Lorna Steinke, Dian's sister-in-law.  Had a great dinner and a visit to the Wainwright stampede.  We were just leaving when we got a call from my son Fred who was working in Stettler. We made a u-turn and headed there.  Spent an evening with him and then off to Edmonton.  My brother has a nice pad in the back where we park the trailer and then the serious visiting began.  Granddaughter, brother-in-law, great nieces etc.  We did manage to get to Elk Island Park, Big Lake and a slough north of Villeneuve.  Off to Northern Alberta July 4.  We hope to get to Slave Lake the first day and get back to serious photography again.  The weather has been great but we don't know about tomorrow when we leave Edmonton.  We have a reservation in Yellowknife for July 11.  Hang in there NWT-we are on our way...


Lorna, Page and friend

Coots at Elk Island

House Wren Elk Island

Savannah Sparrow Elk Island

The Brenholens

Black Tern north of Villeneuve

Black tern Big Lake St. Albert.  Many feeding young here.

Ruddy Duck in duck weed.  Big lake.

Sora, scrambling through the weeds and dodging butterflies.  Big Lake.

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