Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 28-Aug.8 Grande Prairie to home Abbotsford

The last installment.  Two months and six days after we started we arrived home Aug. 8.  The lure of the olympics on TV was getting to hard to ignore.  Grande Prairie was completely occupying our time with visiting and arranging Dian's mom's internment.  We tried to stay in Tumbler Ridge when we left Grande Prairie but it was a long weekend and all the campsites were full.  However we lucked out in Moberly Lake north of Chetwynd.  We got there before the weekenders arrived and it was a very nice campsite.  Click on the pictures if you want a larger view.

A young buck was a standout in the yellow flowers.  

Our campsite in Sexsmith where we stayed while visiting Grande Prairie.  It was an fitting opportunity to meet up with Neil and Wilma again as we stayed at their place in Kamloops at the beginning of our trip. 

Young birds, females and moulting males are making it more difficult to identify this time of the year.  It took a look in the field guide to decide this was a Townsends Warbler.

A Common Yellowthroat was annoyed by our presence at Bull Moose Marsh near Tumbler Ridge.  We tried to get to Speiker Mountain at Tumbler Ridge but the road was washed out.  

We visited a banding station in Mackenzie.  It was a treat visiting with the friendly banders there.  Northern Waterthrushes were some of the more common captures.  These skulkers are difficult to get in the open.

This bird was also a common victim of their nets.  A Magnolia Warbler.

Our campsite in  Moberly gave us this Black and White Warbler.  I tried for about an hour to get a reasonable shot.  This is not great but the best of many attempts.

I will finish off with a few sunset shots at Moberly.  

When I started this blog I thought I might get few hundred visitors.  I am completely surprised that the total is well over 3000 and will probably reach 4000.  I found the biggest drawback to creating a blog is finding wifi to keep the blog up to date.  I think it would be fair to say that for every picture I have submitted here, 20 were taken.  Hundreds of shots were deleted to ferret out the best.  Our highlights were the branding in the Cypress Hills; getting up at 3AM to hear the coyotes and try to photograph Sharp-tailed Grouse in Grasslands NP;  finding our lifer Piping Plover at lake Diefenbaker;  and mingling with the foxes at Yellowknife and have them sort of accept me.  Thanks to you all for your interest.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and will join us on our next adventure.  To see these and many other photos that didn't make the blog visit my website;