Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sept.12-16 2012 Camping with the Bartels

The weather looked promising for the next week or so, so Dian and I hooked up the trailer and met Art and Marlene for a few days of camping.  Our first stop was Juniper Campground on the Thompson River east of Cache Creek.  We got the last 2 campsites even though we rolled in early; and they were almost side by side.  I walked the trails and got a few pictures but the birds were not that plentiful.  The Meadowlarks were still singing and Yellowrumps dominated the campsite.

White-crowned Sparrow

After the second day we decided to head to Tunkwa Campground.  The rise in elevation from about 1200 feet to 3000 feet and it was evident in the temperature at night when the thermometer in the trailer read 5 degrees.  Daytime temperatures were mid to high 20's.  Just perfect.  Tunkwa was not as crowded as Juniper and the people that were there, were mostly fishermen.  Many more trails provided more opportunities for hikes and as a result more photo ops.
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I followed this Hairy Woodpecker around camp and finally got a clear shot.

Quite a few Mountain Bluebirds were passing through.

Art and I were surprised by the sudden appearance of this Northern Goshawk.  I only had a short time to react with the camera as it glided by.

A Northern Harrier checked me out.

A Red-tailed hawk also wondered if I was a threat.

Around the campfire.

You can't camp with the Bartels unless you play Blongo.  Here is Blongo Man showing his winning form.

I didn't realize there was so much involved with the follow through.

Dian is going to connect this time.

It was a good 4 days and now it is time to winterize the trailer and wait for spring.