Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apr 22 2013 Ramsey Canyon and Apr 23 St. David AZ

St. David's chapel.
Today was our 3rd trip up Ramsey Canyon in as many years.  This is a Nature Conservancy site.

Although we found a few birds, we find Ramsey not as busy as other areas we have visited.  I did manage a few photos though.

Dusky-capped Flycatchers are quite vocal and common
This one came in close.  It must have had a nest near by as there were 2 in the area.
We noticed 2 birders peering into the trees and went up to investigate.  As we were approaching this female Hepatic Tanager came down to greet us.

After a quick visit it left.  The birders told us they could hear it but they couldn't locate it.  Strange how serendipity can work.

Cactus flower at the top of Ramsey canyon.

I wish I could ID all these lizards and flowers.

I'll bet this one has blue throat in its' name.

There was a report of a Rufous-backed Robin at St. Davids Monastery so Dian and I headed out there first thing this morning.  We met a few other birders there who informed us they couldn't locate the bird.  Neither could we.  Here are some shots of things we did see.
Northern Beardless Tyrannulet.  We thought it was just another flycatcher.
Another view of the Tyrannulet
Wilson's Warbler

Coues White-tailed Deer.  They breed in the spring unlike their northern cousins.  The rains come in August and this provides sustenance for the young ones and their parents.  Very tame in Ramsey Canyon.

Tomorrow we leave Huachuca for Wilcox Az.  We will make this our base for a few days while we explore the Chiricauha Mountains.
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  1. Len, just want to say that your photos on the blog are awesome. Love the scenery, birds, and other animals.

    1. Hi Chris-good to hear from you. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. We are getting ready to leave the Sierra Vista area today and head east to Wilcox. The Chiracahua mountains get some good birds in the spring. Hopefully we can find some.

  2. Wonderful stuff Len. I was not aware that a Tyrannulet was north of the Central and South Am areas. Great job.


    1. Hi Dave
      Thanks for checking me out. Yes, a local guide was showing it to a client and we eavesdropped. There are also reports of a Nutting Flycatcher which we would love to find.