Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cottonwood Arizona April 14 - 15 2013

Another post from windy Cottonwood.  The weather would be great except for the constant wind.  Yesterday we decided to go up Mingus Mountain, above Jerome.  I wore my shorts.  Big mistake.  It was 7 degrees Celsius 5500 feet up.  The sun was shining and when we hiked around we forgot about the chilliness.  Different habitat and different birds.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Zone-tailed Hawk.  Very similar to Black Hawk posted previously.

We saw many Western Bluebirds on top of Mingus Mtn.

This bird had us stumped for a while.  It is a Dark-eyed Junco - The Red-Backed form.

We joined a bird walk at Montezuma's Well. Nice to mingle with some nice locals.  This Canyon Wren was quite bold. 

A Ladder-backed Woodpecker caught a caterpiller.

It apparently doesn't like the chewed up leaves in the intestines so it shakes it until the green poop is extracted.

Much tastier this way.

A Lesser Goldfinch prefers dandelion seeds.

A view above Jerome looking into the Cottonwood area.  Our trailer park is down there somewhere.

The trailer park.  Spot the Airstream.

Apr 17 we leave for the Grand Canyon where overnight temperatures are below freezing.   BRRR.

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