Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cottonwood AZ. Apr. 4-7 2013

Cottonwood Az. is a great place for different activities.  Hiking, scenery, old towns, etc.  We hiked around the campsite and old town Cottonwood Apr. 4.  Apr 5 was a visit to an old indian pueblo called Tuzgoot.  Then a trip to Jerome.  This is an old mining town high in the hills converted into a bunch of gift shops.  Oh well- the scenery was great.

Common Gallinule

A Lucy's Warbler showing off the red crest.

Verdin at its' nest

This lizard kept waving its' tail.

April 6 was spent visiting Tuzigoot Indian Monument.

This Rock Wren joined us at the top of Tuzigoot ruins.

Dian on top of tuzigoot.

Then a short drive to Jerome.  An old mining town recreated into a huge gift shop.

Old restored buildings make Jerome an interesting place for  those that like trinkets.

April 6 we decided to check out Montezuma's Castle.  Another ruins which is really interesting.  Lodged into the cliff face this area captured our attention for a few hours.

A beehive was tucked into a crevice.  We were assured they were not killer bees.

Sedona was few miles down the road so we checked out the scenery there.

Luckily we found the scene they use
for their advertising.  A young boy was playing on the stream.
This picture is HDR-3 pictures of different exposures.

I pull up a chair at the trailer and a beer and I wait for the perfect hummer shot.  I still have a week to achieve it.  These are best so far.  I went up to the feeder today to adjust a stick they use for a perch.  One of them landed on the stick as I was holding it.

A Vermillion Flycatcher greeted us this morning in camp.  We were waiting to go on a nature walk and it approached us.

A Great Horned Owl peeked out at us on our walk.  A youngster is barely visible.

I am writing this episode in a bakery in old town Cottonwood.  Dian has just informed me the temperature in Santa Fe is 10 degrees during the day and -5 at night.  We may have to change plans. 
We have another week and a half so let's hope the weather changes.  There will be lot's to keep us busy here.  Condors are 2 hours away at the Grand canyon.  It is tempting so we will monitor the situation.

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