Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cottonwood Az. Apr 8-Apr 13 2013

Our time in Cottonwood has been mostly spent hiking in the many gorgeous canyons here.  We did spend a day at Page hatchery and exploring the trails around the campsite though-both great birding spots.  The heat has returned and we are starting to anticipate our move next Wednesday to the Grand Canyon.  A camper at our site just returned from there and said it snowed.  The weather has got to change there soon.

Looking towards Sedona.

Scenery north of Sedona

Dian's Favorite

Redhead Duck at Page

Canvasbacks at Page

Common Blackhawk at Page

Common Blackhawk at Page

Vermillion Flycatcher in an interesting pose.

One of the prettiest birds we have seen-a Painted Redstart

Small flocks of Brewer's Sparrows heading north.

Vesper Sparrow is probably heading up to the Okanagan also.

A Virginia Rail is an unusual find in the open like this.

Another shot of the Redstart

Indian Paintbrush looks a little different than ours.

More Scenery

Sycamore Canyon- a great hike.

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