Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tucson Mar 31-April 2 2013

It has been a good week in Tucson.  The weather in the morning is great but by noon we are in the low 30's so we try to get out early and get to bed early.  Tomorrow, Apr. 3 we head out to Dead Horse RV Park in Cottonwood Az.  It is close to Sedona.  Many of the following pictures were taken at the Desert Museum in Tucson.  The birds are flying free and easy to capture on pixels.

A Verdin at our orange blossom agave.

Same guy.

An Inca Dove.

Lucy's Warbler

Lucy's Warbler in the campsite.

Chihuahuan Raven-long nose hairs.

Cactus Flower-"headgehog" I think.

Great Horned Owl

Another Flower

Grey Hawk

Ocotillo Flower

Harris's Hawks-a sociable raptor

The cactus flowers are hard to resist getting a picture of.

This Ferruginous Hawk was a beauty.

Here he is in flight.

Prairie Falcon

Easter Cactus-I think.

Sunset over the RV Park.

Goodbye from Tucson.  Scroll down to see previous blog.

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