Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Apr 30-May 1 2013 Miller Canyon and Rio Rico

We are now back in Huachuca City (close to Sierra Vista Az.) and our first day was spent up Miller Canyon again.  It is over 30 degrees in the valley so the higher altitude was a treat; it is in the shade and 10? degrees cooler.  The Spotted Owl was on its' usual perch and I got shots of some birds I posted previously.  They may be worth another look.  We also took a trip to Pena Blanca Lake, west of Rio Rico, in search of a reported Least Grebe.  No Grebe but a nice trip and we met a nice lady birding by herself.  We had lunch together and shared stories.

White-faced Ibis.  Seen in Rio Rico.  Doing a dirty deed.
Cordilleran Flycatcher seen in Pena Blanca.  

A well camouflaged lizard at Pena Blanca.

This lizard was a beauty but my full body shot was blurred.  The head shot is interesting though.

Rufous-crowned Sparrow.  We struggled with the id of the bird but feel confident it is right.  Opinions would be appreciated.  Seen at Pena Blanca.

Two-tailed Swallow Tail.  I was talking to Tom Beatty on his farm when he told me this was the state butterfly.

This Plumbeous Vireo was on a previous blog but I think these are better poses.

Plumbeous Vireo and lunch.

Western Tanager.  I have never had such a good photo op of one of these before  even though we see many at home.

Western Tanager in a quizzical pose.

Western Tanager in a stately pose.

My previous post of this Spotted Owl had its' head turned.

I posted a female Hepatic Tanager on a previous blog.  Here is the male.

The gray on the cheek distinguishes the Hepatic from the Summer Tanager.

A Red-faced Warbler setting up house.  Before this trip we had not seen a Red-faced Warbler.  Now we seem to find them regularly.

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  1. I enjoyed birding and lunching with you at Pena Blanca. Thanking for pointing out the Cordilleran to me - a life bird is always a good day. In looking again at my pictures and yours, I have changed my vote to the Rufous-crowned Sparrow (not the R-winged). The white eyebrow, dark bill, and lack of rufous shoulder patch seem more like the R-crowned. What do you think? Enjoy birding in AZ.

  2. I think you have it. I should have noticed that bill. Thanks.