Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2 2013 Carr Canyon

Carr Canyon is one of the accesses to the Huachuca Mountain high habitats along with Ramsey, Miller  and Ash Canyons.  We were told this is the place for Buff-breasted Flycatchers.  We were not told the condition of the road though.  I don't think we have travelled anything more "exciting" in our travels.
Narrow, rough, loose rocks and 2000 feet above the valley to an altitude of 7200? feet.  It was worth the trip.  We didn't get many pictures but we did get 3 lifers.

View from the top.  High winds in the valley stirred up the desert sands making the sky murky.

This is the best view I could produce of the road up.  A road best travelled with a 4x4 or a rental car.

Not a very sharp image of a Bushtit. They seem lighter shade than ours in British Columbia.

We were worried we may not find a Buff-breasted Flycatcher but they were numerous above 7000 feet.

I never really got a good shot of the Buff-breasted as they were always high up or in the shade.

Speaking of being far away and high up-so was the Greater Pewee.

Hermit Warbler.  The only half decent picture I got.

Finally-a Graces Warbler

Graces Warbler

Graces Warbler.  Another bird we have been searching for.  The high country is well worth a trip for birds we don't get to see down in the valley.

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