Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some Encounters From The Last Few Weeks July 26 -Aug.13 2013

Ring-billed Gull-Iona Jetty

Barn Swallow Wilband Ponds

Huge Black Bear amid the Swallows close to Cascade Falls Mission.  I wish I could have been a little closer.

Gray Catbird Grant Narrows

Gray Catbird Grant Narrows

Barn Swallows Wilband
Common Yellowthroat feeding Cowbird Grant Narrows.  Not a great picture but I think an interesting one.

Solitary Sandpiper Cheam

Dragonfly nymph Carcass.  It's called an exuviae (sometimes shortened to exuvia).  Thanks to Dick Cannings for that bit of info.


Male Belted Kingfisher-Wilband Ponds
One often sees an Eagle sitting upright in a tree or on a snag and I have enough pictures to prove it.  Because of that I almost passed by this one without stopping to capture it.

I am glad I decided to get a few pictures because it immediately started stretching and giving me some great poses.
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  1. Len, another great blog entry. Really impressed by all of the shots, especially the first two, not easy to get birds close to the water like that in flight,