Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Birds of Wilband July 30 - Aug 8 2013

I have taken to hiking around Wilband detention ponds in the morning.  It beats the higher temperatures of midday.  Here are some of the birds I have seen in the last week.
It is always a thrill to see Canada Geese in flight-especially when they are heading straight toward you.

A Lesser Yellowlegs and Spotted Sandpiper were enjoying each others company and the flies.

Lesser Yellowlegs

A female Belted Kingfisher soared overhead bringing my quick draw techniques into play.

Common Yellowthroats are everywhere.  This is a female.

More Spotted Sandpipers?  No-Wilson's Phalaropes surprised me.

I have not seen Phalaropes at Wilband before.

Here we go again with the quick draw skills.  I imagine myself as an old west gunfighter with gun (camera) at the ready.  A subject such as this American Bittern only gives you a few seconds to get shots off.

Luckily the camera was in the right settings to capture these shots.

There is no time to adjust shutter speed etc.

One just has to be ready for these rare opportunities.

The morning sun adds to the brilliance of this Anna's Hummingbird.

Finally a Northern Rough-winged Swallow.  The Yellowthroat, Anna's and this bird were all taken while standing in the same spot.  
Someone mentioned they don't see many birds at Wilband.  If one moves slowly, peeks into habitat and stops and observes, one can always find something.

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