Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 4-9 2013 Oregon Coast

A week on the Oregon Coast is a nice break for someone who is a flatlander.  We stayed in a nice condo in Lincoln City, right on Siletz Bay.  Except for one day, we had sunshine.  Even the fog didn't hinder our search for birds.
We noticed a disturbing sight on the beach in front of the condo.  Some gulls had only one foot and this Western Gull had none.   I wonder if they are getting caught in nets or something and some sickie is getting his kicks.
This is how a Western Gull should be.
Brown Pelicans are always a treat to photograph.

These Pelagic Cormorants are either squabbling or one is begging for food.
Another Pelagic.                       
The youngsters are getting too much for the adult to handle.
Nice to get close enough for a Brandt's Cormorant.  This was taken at Yaquina Lighthouse as was the previous one.
Peregrine Falcons nested in the cliffs at Yaquina and this one remained.

Caspian Tern still feeding young at Newport.

This tern had us wondering and we finally decided it is a young Caspian although it is different from the young one above.
Great Egrets are quite common here and difficult to approach.
Black Oystercatchers at Seal Rocks.
 Black Turnstone here and below.  I originally thought this was a Ruddy because of the leg color but an ebird editor decided otherwise.
Black Turnstone at Seal Rocks.
Wandering Tattler.  Seal Rocks.
Pectoral Sandpiper. Newport.
Whimbrel.  Seal Rocks
Western Gull. Seal Rocks.
Harlequin Ducks. Seal Rocks
Marbled Murrelet.  Newport Jetty.
Marbled Murrelet chick.  Newport Jetty.  Another id I got wrong initially, as I thought it was a Common Murre.  An ebird editor set me straight.  However I still think it is a Murre chick.  See comment below.

The week went fast.  We tried hard to find Elegant Terns with no luck.  That means we may have to take a side trip to Astoria.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Len, awesome blog entry. Excellent photo of the Herring Gull eating the starfish.

    Worrisome about the gulls missing their feet. I know clams and similar organisms can take off birds' legs.

  2. Hi Chris-thanks for checking me out and good comment on the case of the missing feet.

  3. Too bad the eBird editor set you astray - the bottom bird is definitely a Common Murre - the bill is way too long for a murrelet. The one above it, however, looks like a Marbled Murrelet.

    1. Thanks for the confirmation Jeremy. I almost questioned his wisdom because of that bill also.