Wednesday, November 27, 2013

River Otter Encounter Nov. 27 2013 Abbotsford BC

I have a pond I visit regularly and sometimes I get rewarded with River Otters.  I haven't seen them for about a year so I was pleasantly surprised to find them today while the sun was shining.  The following pictures are the best of 135 pictures I captured over a 2 hour period as I sat partially concealed on the pond's edge; getting cramps as I tried not to move.

They can hear the camera shutter but can't figure out where I am which is about 3 meters away.
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  1. I live in Abbotsford! I would Love to see these guys - I've seen Beavers at Fishtrap and a muskrat looking thing at the pond in Maclure Park but NEVER otters!!! cool!