Monday, December 30, 2013

Shots of November and December 2013

The past few weeks have given me opportunities to photograph some of the more common birds in our area of Abbotsford.  These will have to do until the spring migrants return.
Dian and I came across this Golden-crowned Kinglet while doing the Christmas bird count. 
Black-capped Chickadee in the morning sun.
A Dark-eyed Junco with some aberrant markings.  Note the white tail.
This Junco looks like it just came through a snow storm.  At least its' tail is the right colour.  Same species as the bird above.
Outside our townhouse.  A Downy Woodpecker.
A Hairy Woodpecker at the Great Blue Heron Reserve.
An immature Golden-crowned Sparrow
The morning sun helped to highlight this Lincoln's Sparrow.
A Ruby-cowned Kinglet.
A young Cooper's Hawk prepares to launch off a tree.
A successful launch.
A White-throated Sparrow.  Hasn't quite got all its' adult markings yet.
This is what an adult White-throated Sparrow looks like.
Add your own caption for this Mountain Bluebird.  Mine is "HOT HOT HOT".  It has a piece of grass stuck in its' flank.
Mountain Bluebird in nicer setting.  Blueberry fields form the backdrop.
Northern Shoveler.  Looks quite majestic, don't you think?
Pied-billed Grebe.  I was on the bridge at Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack and it swam below me.
I was watching this Belted Kingfisher when it flew into a tree beside me.  Too bad the branches obscured part of the view.  It is usually difficult to get close to these birds so I was surprised  when it flew to me instead of the opposite direction.
This is a typical Fox Sparrow for the west coast.  It is dark and called a "Sooty".
We also get a red variation which is more common towards the east.

                                              End of this blog.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You must have an amazing lens to capture such detail.