Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arizona-Sycamore Canyon, Ruby Rd. and Lower Florida Canyon Apr 26-27 2014

The last 2 days have been very productive.  We took a chance on the high winds and went to Sycamore Canyon, west of Rio Rico.  The targets were Five-striped Sparrow and Elegant Trogon.  We got 2 Trogons but no Five-striped.  The next day we stayed close to home and went up the road towards Madeira Canyon in hopes of seeing a lifer Botteri's Sparrow. We found one singing in about 20 minutes.  Well, that was easy (we have actually been looking for 3 years) so we went up to the Research Centre in Florida Canyon.  We have been up there a few times in previous years to look for the Rufous-capped Warbler but since we found one a few days ago we decided to just bird the first few hundred yards.  It was very productive with the following birds below.  Our trip total now stands at 276.
A view from Ruby Rd. on the way to Sycamore Canyon

A view from Ruby Rd. on the way to Sycamore Canyon.  The Mexican border is about 5 miles that way.
A view from Ruby Rd. on the way to Sycamore Canyon.
Rock Wrens are quite common on Ruby Rd.
Rock Wren
One of 2 Elegant Trogons we found up Sycamore Canyon.  They were singing but very skittish.  We never really got very close.
This Trogon was high up a hill side.  I had passed by it but Dian's keen eye picked it up.

On the road back from Sycamore we spotted this Grey Hawk land in a tree. 

Canyon Towhee.  Looks a bit scruffy.

Chipping Sparrows are common.

Virginia Warbler up Florida Canyon.  
We thought we had a Nashville Warbler but after viewing the picture at home we realized it was a Virginia's.
Lucy's Warbler are becoming quite common for us now.
Another angle for Lucy's Warbler up Florida Canyon.
Greater Pewee Florida Canyon
Dusky Flycatcher Florida Canyon (or maybe a Pacific slope/Cordilleran?)
Botteri's Sparrow on the road to Madeira Canyon
Botteri's Sparrow on the road to Madeira Canyon.  I remember staking out spots many times last year trying to find one of these with no luck.  
Many of the birds we find are the result of utilizing Ebird.  Ebird also keeps track of our totals.  Without it we would not be having the success we are enjoying.  The Botteri's was found this way as an Ebird entry was posted just this morning and we followed up on it.  If you are not using Ebird I highly recommend it.

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  1. Len, another very enjoyable blog update. The Trogon was one of my favourite birds when I was younger.