Tuesday, April 1, 2014

S. Padre Island Mar 30,31 and April 1 2014

I am trying not repost the same species as in other blogs but it is becoming more difficult.  So I am trying to include some shots that are more interesting.  The southerly winds are blowing the migrants over South Padre so we haven't been seeing to many new birds the last couple of days.  High winds also keep the birds low in the shrub.  Trip total is now 175.

White Ibis at convention centre

Black Skimmers taking a load off

Royal Terns.  

Louisiana Waterthrush
Mystery Sparrow.  I need help on this one.  Any ideas?

Front view.  If you know what it is  email me at ( )  or add comment below.

Common Yellowthroat

Can't get enough of the Aplomado Falcon.

We were very excited to find 3 of these Least Bitterns at the Birding and Nature Center.

Even more excited to get such exceptional photo ops.

Least Bittern.
Prickly Pear

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  1. Beautiful photos. I believe your Sparrow is a Cassin's.

  2. I agree with Cassin's Sparrow.

  3. Another awesome entry Len. Those Least Bittern photos are spectacular!

  4. Why not Botteri's Sparrow?

    Cassin's Sparrow should have distinct barring on the tail, but this bird seems to have none whatsoever.