Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arizona Birding May 8-10 2014-Florida Canyon; Kino Springs; Patagonian Rest Stop

As usual the birding has not been dull here in Southern Arizona for the last few days.  We are starting to revisit some locations now.  One such place is Florida Canyon where we saw the Rufous-capped Warbler 3 weeks ago but couldn't get a picture.  This time we had great luck.  A report from Richard Fray (local guide) about a Harris's Sparrow sent us back to the Patagonian Rest Stop and we had our first visit to Kino Springs-close to Nogales.  The trip total has reached 299.  Sure would like number 300 to be the Sinaloa Wren.
The highlight of many birders to this part of the world-the Rufous-capped Warbler.  We had seen it briefly when we first arrived at Florida Canyon and then it disappeared.  We waited patiently for about an hour, constantly scanning the canyon below.  The we sat down and took out our water bottles and saw movement in the scrub on the hillside behind us.  We had been looking in the wrong direction.
I started snapping pictures and it seemed to respond to the shutter sound as it kept coming closer.  Perhaps it was the shutter or maybe just a defensive reaction to a nearby nest.  Anyway it came too close for my camera to focus.  I have heard others say that they have had real close views also.
This nest was high in a Cottonwood at the Rufous-capped Warbler site.  The bird in the nest has the colours of the Rufous-capped but the nest location and shape don't seem right.  I insert this picture for some people from California who were with us and I promised I would put it on the blog.  Sorry the quality wasn't better.
Rock Squirrel Florida Canyon.
Arizona Sister Butterfly.  One of the attractions up Florida Canyon.
The Lesser Nighthawks gather at Amado STP at dusk.  There must have been about 100 or more.
This Gray Hawk was circling above when it folded its' wings and dove straight at me.
It pulled up just above me.  Kino Springs.
Song Sparrow Kino Springs.
Sora Kino Springs.  The light reflecting off the water reduced a lot of the detail.
Northern Rough-winged Swallows Kino Springs
Harris's Sparrow Patagonian Rest Stop.  Dian located it by hearing slight scratchings in the undergrowth.  Always nice to have a second set of ears that work.
Harris's Sparrow Patagonian Rest Stop.  It took about 45 minutes for this rarity to come out into the open.  
Western Tanager Montosa Canyon
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