Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Southern Arizona Birding continues. May 10-14 2014, Buenos Aires NWR, Anza Trail, Madera Canyon

We visited the Anza Trail again and took a trip to Buenos Aires NWR to explore the Antelope trail.  Most of the bird action was around the visitors centre but the Antelope Trail had plenty of Horned Larks and a pair of Bendire's Thrashers.  We stayed in one area of Madera Canyon on hopes of finding a reported Varied Bunting but had no luck.  The list for the trip stands at 302.
Abert's Towhee on the Anza Trail

Bell's Vireo on the Anza Trail.  Getting food for young where we discovered nest at Sinaloa site a few weeks ago.
Greater Roadrunner at Rio Rico.
Another view.  Greater Roadrunner at Rio Rico.
We pulled into a shade beside the road and this guy came out and laid down beside the car.  We ate lunch and it kept us company.
Mourning Doves at our condo.  The next morning the nest was empty.  They had fledged overnight.
Western Kingbird.

The following pictures were taken at Buenos Aires NWR.
This Coyote escorted us to the visitors centre.
Horned Larks were common on the Antelope Trail
Olive-sided Flycatcher at visitors centre.
Bendire's Thrasher-Antelope Trail
Bendire's Thrasher.  There was a pair here.
Bullock's Orioles were active around the visitors centre.  First year bird.

The following birds were at Madera Canyon
Hermit Thrush

Bridled Titmouse

Some other nice birders alerted us to a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher nest on one of the trails at Madera.
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