Saturday, June 28, 2014

An Eclectic Collection for June 2014

The following are some pictures taken during June 2014.                              
A view from the road to Hemlock ski village looking east towards Hope, BC
There are a few places along the road to Hemlock where creeks form waterfalls.
This female Sooty Grouse was cruising the streets of Agassiz, BC.  It was slowing down traffic and peeping into stores.
  • Female Purple Martin at Blackie's Spit, White Rock, BC
A stream on Chilliwack Road to Chilliwack Lake, BC
The same stream as above.
Western Scrub-jays have successfully raised a couple go young in Maple Ridge, BC.  This may be the first recorded event of Scrub-jays breeding in BC.
"I have got to cut those nails."

Female Brewers Blackbird.
Pacific Slope Flycatcher at Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC.
MacGillivary's Warbler was at a lookout on the road up Cypress Mountain.
Young Cottontail Rabbit on the trail at the Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack, BC.  It was wondering which was one was posing the greatest threat-me or the mosquito.
This red-eyed Vireo was in the open beside the trail at the Great Blue Heron Reserve.
A close-up of the eye.  Not sure if there were eggs in the nest or young ones.
Once again we have scoured the area looking for photo opportunities.  We also went up to Manning Park but that was a separate blog.

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  1. great shots you guys. love 'em. we're off to glacier and will be there the whole month of sept. can't wait. take care.
    danny and maggie