Sunday, October 5, 2014

September Pictures 2014

Except for a trip to Reifel Sanctuary in Ladner, BC we didn't stray too far away from home this month.  The Anna's Hummingbirds are starting to set claim to our feeder for the winter.
Anna's Hummingbird-young male getting his gorget.  It will be interesting to follow the development of the feathers.
Evening Grosbeak Great Blue Heron Reserve Sept 20 2014.  I don't see these birds every year.  Hopefully the feeders at the reserve will keep them coming.
Evening Grosbeak Great Blue Heron Reserve Sept 20 2014
Mink Blue Heron Reserve.  Dian and I saw this fellow with a large fish.  It disappeared before I could get a picture but we waited and it emerged from a hole in the bank.
Mink Blue Heron Reserve.  It only offered a few seconds for a photo opportunity before it was off again.
Wood Duck Blue Heron Reserve
Wood Duck Blue Heron Reserve
This Magpie was taken in the Nicola Valley.
Peregrine Falcon in dive. Reifel.
A different Falcon.
Peregrine chirping at me.
Reifel had many Long-billed Dowitchers
Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron at Reifel.  I was hurrying to leave the reserve as it was past closing time.  As a result I didn't get the sharpness I would have liked.  There was also an adult here but it was obscured by branches.

I am presently working on a blog about a successful trip Dian and I took to the interior of the province.  Be sure to check us out in a few days for some Grizzly pictures.

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