Monday, December 1, 2014

November Pictures 2014

Dian and I stayed in the lower mainland this month.  I had a chance to take a short cruise in the bay at Point Roberts with friend Art before he put his boat up for the winter.  This gave me the idea of perhaps renting a boat at Horseshoe Bay sometime and seeing what that area has to offer.  That is in the future but for now here is what November provided.

Bald Eagle Nicomen Slough
  I was happy to finally get an American Kestrel that wasn't sitting on a wire.
Sumas Prairie has been getting some nice birds such as this Franklin's Gull
Red-tailed Hawk hovering in Sumas
Varied Thrush at the Harrison Mills Eagle Festival
Pigeon Guillemot Point Roberts
Pigeon Guillemot Point Roberts
Long-tailed Duck Point Roberts
Long-tailed Duck Point Roberts
Harlequin Duck Point Roberts
Glaucous Gull was a nice find in Nicomen Slough
Common Loon Point Roberts
Tundra and Trumpeter Swan comparison in Sumas Prairie
A tight flock of Starlings in Sumas Prairie.  Waldo is in there somewhere.
Eurasian Collared Doves-Sumas Prairie
Rusty Blackbirds are declining.  Sometimes they show up in large flocks of mixed blackbirds and Starlings as this one did in Sumas Prairie.
It was -8 and the wind was howling for these Trumpeter Swans
That's it for November.  Thanks for looking and don't forget to scroll down for the previous blog.

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