Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 2015 Gyrfalcons, Golden Eagles, Owls and more.

January was raptor month.  Golden Eagles were at Boundary Bay and Sumas Prairie.  Northern Pygmy Owls were causing a commotion in Chilliwack as was a Long-eared Owl at Boundary Bay.  Gyrfalcons were in Sumas Prairie and at Viterra grain terminal in Vancouver.  Here are some of them and few more.

This Golden Eagle was on one of his favourite perches at Boundary Bay 
It took off to inspect a flock of ducks.
Here it approaches the ducks which scatter for the water filled ditch.  For some reason the water is safer than dry land.
One mallard was late taking off and barely escaped.
This is a another Golden Eagle in Sumas Prairie.  It was a cloudy day which made getting detail difficult.
A Brewers Blackbird flies by a Rusty Blackbird near Fooks Rd. Abbotsford.
A Gyrfalcon appears to be shrieking but is actually regurgitating.  Do you know there is such a word as gurgitating?
This Gyrfalcon was taken on a different day but I believe it is the same bird as above.
This very dark hawk is a dark morph Redtail.  I had some help identifying this one.  It was quite small so probably a male.
Northern Pygmy Owl in Chilliwack.  The following pictures are the same bird taken in different lighting conditions.

This Long-eared Owl was well hidden along a dike.  
A Coyote appeared to be planting potatoes in Sumas Prairie.
Bald Eagle also in Sumas Prairie.
Belted Kingfisher tossing back a "Sardine" from a ditch in Sumas Prairie.

We are off to California this weekend thanks to our nephew who has a cottage in wine country.  The next blog will record the experience.

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