Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 2015 Barn Owl, Pacific Loon, Eclipse, Green Heron, Grizzly, Merlin

This month's blog covers a lot of territory and subjects.
There was a "blood" eclipse of the moon Sept. 27.  Here are a few shots.

Impossible to say how many, but Yellow-rumped Warblers were certainly plentiful in October as they migrated south.
A Green Heron was using a Beaver dam for a hunting location at Wilband Ponds.  It was highlighted by the setting sun.
We travelled to the Kootenays to check out an RV that was for sale.  On the way we spotted these Desert Bighorns.
The Kootenays provided this Grizzly foraging along a river bank.  A Bald Eagle waits expectantly for scraps of fish.
Piles of flotsam along the river banks trap spawned-out fish.  The bear would check out the tangled mess and was successful on a few occasions. 
It came quite close as it submerged itself in a slow moving part of the river.
A Eagle had what the bear was looking for; Kokanee Salmon.
We saw a few Ruffed Grouse along the road but hunting season has them jittery.
Back home at Sumas Prairie I got a reasonable shot of a Merlin.
I drive by a certain barn quite often and occasionally stop to check out an open door in the loft.  I can do this by staying in the car.  One day I was rewarded by spotting a Barn Owl tucked back in the dark recesses. High ISO and slow shutter speed enabled me to get a photo, albeit grainy.
Female Belted Kingfisher.  I see this bird quite often on Sumas Prairie.  It appears to get all the fish it needs from an irrigation ditch.
A Pacific Loon was at Hougen Park in Abbotsford.  We usually only see this bird on the ocean in winter and then in drab winter plumage.  Thanks to Henry Wall for the tip.
Here is a picture of a Pacific Loon close to Yellowknife in full breeding plumage. In comparison the Hougen bird is starting to look a little shabby, if that is the right word.
Wood Duck at Reifel. 
Golden-crowned Kinglet in the shade at Reifel.  Love the yellow "slippers".
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