Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 2015, Otter, Golden Plover, Ruffed Grouse,Rock Wren, Dunlin, Cascade Falls

When I look back at all the pictures I got this month I have a hard time believing we covered so much territory.  We also saw a Hudsonian Godwit and Tropical Kingbird; 2 rare species but the photographs were not up to par.  I was also surprised to find a suspension bridge at Cascade falls in Mission that was erected this summer.  It is worth a visit.  I have also taken the liberty to add a commercial for our Honda at the end.  We have to sell so someone will get a good deal.  
Oct 31 2015-Furry Creek
A report of a Field Sparrow sent us to Furry Creek, north of Vancouver.  We didn't find the sparrow but this River Otter made an appearance as it briefly left the ocean.
This Pheasant on Sumas Prairie had broken tail feathers, bald head and other signs that it was a released bird from a cage.
A Bushtit outside our window.
An American Pipit was the only bird I photographed on a day trip to Manning Park.
Last month I photographed a Pacific Loon.  This Common Loon was at the same location; Hougen Park.
The blog in September featured this Red-tailed Hawk with Long-billed Syndrome.  I found it again this month with a rodent.  Not sure how much longer it will survive with that compromised bill.
A Horned Grebe in winter plumage at Harrison Hotsprings.
Sasquatch Park, just past Harrison, had this Ruffed Grouse.  It ran into the bush as we approached, so we waited and it eventually reappeared. 
There appears to be a mirror between these two Snowbirds at Harrison.
A Rock Wren is a rare bird on the lower mainland.  This one was beside the Fraser River.
Harrison also had this Pine Siskin.
This American Golden Plover was quite tame at Blackies Spit in South Surrey. 
The reason is, it was wounded.  I once saw a Peregrine Falcon grab a duck and immediately start plucking it.  The duck managed to escape.  I wonder if the same thing happened to this plover.
A woman was fascinated by thousands of Dunlin and Western Sandpipers at Blackies Spit as they rested at high tide.
More shots of the shorebirds.

Notice the little guy on the left.
This is a Western Sandpiper which looks like a mini Dunlin.
A Thayers Gull dips for fish eggs at Eagle Point.
Success.  Gord G. pointed out the fact that this gull had a pale eye, which is unusual for a Thayers.
Cascade Falls in Mission gave me an opportunity to try my new 17-40mm lens.  One needs a wide angle lens to get all the falls in the shot.
We were really impressed with this new suspension bridge at Cascade Falls.  Eat your heart out Capilano.
And now for a commercial break.  Dian and I bought this new 2015 Honda CR-V SE this summer.  Now we have purchased a trailer and this SUV won't pull it, so we have to sell.  If anyone is interested in a great car with about 15,000km, please check craigslist;
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