Sunday, March 13, 2016

Panama Boquete Mar 12 &13 2016, Oropendolas, Elegant Euphonia, Yellow-headed Caracara,

We are seeing a lot of birds but they are proving difficult to photograph.  The highlight of the last few days are the Crested Oropendola
On a tip from Bill Fox we headed to the small town of Caldera to find the Crested Oropendola.  It wasn't difficult spotting these gregarious birds as 6-10 huge nests were blowing in the wind from one tree.
Here a male displays to a smaller female revealing a slight crest.

This shot gives some perspective of the size of the nest in the background.  It is believed that Oropendolas are related to Orioles which also build sock-like nests but not to this extreme.

The nest is built from strong fibres torn from palm fronds.  When one sees them swaying in huge arcs in the wind one wonders why they don't fall and how the birds can tolerate the rollercoaster-like motion.  The entrance to the nest is visible.

Crested Oropendola male

A Great Kiskadee was in the same area.

While watching the Oropendolas this Great Black Hawk came in but didn't give a very good view.

A Red-crowned Woodpecker

Not a great picture of a Ringed Kingfisher.  It is about the size of a crow.

One morning we saw a huge flock of White-collared Swifts over our cottage.

Yellow-bellied Elaenia

Yellow-crowned Euphonia

A few raptors hung around the Oropendola site.  This is a Yellow-headed Caracara screeching its head off.
Yellow-headed Caracara.

Elegant Euphonia

Yellowish Flycatcher
Bridge to the Oropendolas
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  1. Those nests are crazy!! What a great trip you are having so many different birds the diversity is mind blowing! Thanks for sharing with us!