Thursday, March 17, 2016

Panama, Boquete. Mar. 15-17 2016. Days 14,15,16. Toucanets, Swallow-tailed Kite, Quetzal, Silky Flycatcher, Volcano Hummingbird

Time is going fast here in Boquete, Panama.  We are starting to cover the same trails twice and seeing different birds each time.  Thanks to Bill Fox for suggesting different areas to visit.
White-Naped Bushfinch Lerida Finca.
Volcano Hummingbird (Female?)
Volcano Hummingbird male Lerida,
Social Flycatcher in an electrifying setting.
Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher Culebra Trail.  Not an easy bird get close too-at least not yet.
Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher Culebra Trail
Flame-Colored Tanager Lerida Coffee Plantation
Bill Fox and Dian on the Quetzal Trail.   As mentioned in a previous blog, Bill retired to Boquete 10 years ago.  He volunteers maintaining trails and is a licensed guide but doesn't guide professionally.  He speaks fluent Spanish and takes on the odd carpenter job when he has the inclination.  It's nice to know someone who knows the area and the fauna like Bill does.  Although we are the same age, I find keeping up to him on the trails a little daunting.  I will rack it up to me not being used to the high altitude. (tongue in cheek)
The Quetzal Trail is close to the pin point on the map.
We saw 100's of Broad-winged Hawks kettling one morning on the Quetzal trail.  The migration is on.
Little Blue Heron Cangelones Pa
 The Jesus Christ lizard, or lagarto de Jesus Cisto is named for its ability to run on the surface of water.  Cangelones Pa
Young Jesus Christ Lizard also know as Common Basilisk.  Cangelones Pa
Louisiana Waterthrush.  Cangelones Pa
Roadside Hawk.  Cangelones Pa
Ringed Kingfisher.  I posted a picture of one of these in a previous blog.  This picture is a little better but nothing to write home about ( nice play on words considering I am writing home about it).  Cangelones Pa
Blue-throated Toucanets (Emerald)  Pipeline Trail.
Blue-throated Toucanet.  Pipeline
Dark Pewee.  Pipeline
Resplendent Quetzal female on nest.  Pipeline.
Resplendent Quetzal Male Pipeline
Spot-crowned Woodcreeper. Pipeline.
Swallow-tailed Kite.  Boquete
Violet Saberwing.  Pipeline.
White-throated Thrush.  Pipeline.

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  1. Just amazing from one photo to the next just keeps getting better especially that Quetzel!


    1. Thanks Mel.. Yes, we are having lots of luck with Quetzals. Now for the Motmots.

  2. Len: Great pics as usual. You are fortunate to have met up with a guy like Bill. I hear Panama offers a number of incentives to retirees to relocate there. I actually looked it into it at one time, but wasn't sure I wanted to devote the time to become fluent in yet another language. For a birder, though, talk about " being a kid in a candy store ".
    Also interesting to see your pic of the White throated Thrush. Probably on that day, you and Dian were the only visitors looking at that bird. Friend of mine happened to be in Estero Llande Park in Texas when one was discovered there this winter. After that it was standing room only at that site.