Friday, March 4, 2016

Panama Mar 3 2016 Pipeline Trial and Boquete Garden Inn Tanagers, Saltators, Quetzals etc.

Day 2 in the Boquete area.  We stopped at an inn along the road to Pipeline Trail and saw a lot of birds coming to their feeders.  They are indicated by BGI for Boquete Garden Inn.  The owners were very friendly and gave some good pointers for bird locations.  From there it was 10 kilometres or so, to Pipeline Trail where we spent about 3 hours.  No one we talked to, had seen any Quetzals on their hike so we felt privileged to have found 2.  Pipeline Trail birds are indicated by PLT. 
Garden Inn.  The Pipeline Trail (not to be confused with the much more famous Pipeline Trail closer to Panama City) is a few kilometres further down the road.
Baltimore Oriole BGI
Black Phoebe PLT 
Black-striped Sparrow BGI
Palm Tanager BGI 
Buff-throated Saltator BGI
Cherrie's Tanager female.  Compare with male below
Cherrie's Tanager male BGI
At the entrance to Pipeline Trail the young fellow was collecting $3 each.  We asked for the bano and he took us to his house. 
Flame-Colored Tanager (young or female)
Flame-Colored Tanager male. 
Just another tree flower 
"Lost Castle" One of Noriega's mansions that was bombed by the Americans (we think).   Update-we have learned this is just a story invented by taxi drivers. Just a wealthy family owns it and they didn't finish it it because of in-fighting.
Red-legged Honeycreeper BGI
Resplendent Quetzal female
Resplendent Quetzal male.  We heard it calling and its tail feathers waving in the wind revealed its location.  PLT
It flew to another branch.
Difficult to get those long tail feathers in the shot. 
We asked two different guides who were coming down the trail if they had seen any Quetzals and both said no.  The people in their parties confirmed they had not seen any so we felt pretty smug to have found 2 on our own.
Silver-throated Tanager BGI 
Slate-throated Redstart PLT
Streaked Saltator BGI
Tennessee Warbler BGI 
Tufted Flycatcher PLT
White-lined Tanager female.  Compare with male below.  BGI
White-lined Tanager male BGI
Yellow-faced Grassquit PLT
Yellowish Flycatcher
Green Hermit (don't ask) PLT
Green Hermit Hummingbird.  We pointed this out to a guide who told us about a Black Guan.  We didn't find it. PLT
We are going through the birds pretty fast so feel free to inform me of any discrepancies in identification.

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  1. Len and Dian: You're really " racking them up ". Keep up the good fun. Great looks and photo of the quetzal, a bird some neotropical birders have trouble finding, as I guess did the group that you passed by on the trail. Cheers

  2. Fantastic, can't wait for the next instalment!

  3. Wow Len just gorgeous Ilya told me how difficult it was to find the Resplendant Quetzels with a guide when he was there he said it was the highlight of his trip! So congrats to you both!

    Your photos are gorgeous I especially love silver throated tanager and red legged honeycreeper wow! All are posing so nicely too! Keep on having fun!

  4. Len,

    Great Blog, and so very timely. I will be heading to Panama in a month and I am just now putting together the itinerary from some of the research but would love to hear any input beyond your writings. I was told I could spend half of my time around the canal and still not be disappointed. Looking forward to reading more!