Thursday, June 16, 2016

BC Hydro Campground, Seton Lake, Lillooet, British Columbia Part 3 of 3 June 5 and 6, 2016

This is the final blog of our 3 campsite trip.  Seton Lake Campground is run by BC Hydro and it is free!!  This is a great spot with an overflow if the sites are full.  Being at a lower altitude than Green Lake and Tunkwa the temperature was much higher.  In fact it was 36 celsius in the afternoon when we were there.  The campground was well maintained and had water.  
The entrance to the campground.
The route from our previous campsite at Green Lake. (previous blog)
Here is the entire route we took during the 8 days.
One evening while sitting at a picnic table we saw this bear high on the mountain side digging for something.
Just above the bear was this Mountain Sheep.
Above the Sheep were these 2 Mountain Goats.  We spotted 7 Mountain Goats and 2 other Sheep on the cliff side.  A local resident joined us and said there were also plenty of Cougars in area.  We didn't spot any.
Not sure what this recent fledgling is.  It could scramble across the ground pretty fast.
From the campsite at sunset.

Lazuli Bunting In Lillooet

The Old Bridge in Lillooet was built in the early 1900's to replace a ferry over the Fraser River that was used to transport gold miners to the Cariboo Goldrush around 1860.
The Fraser River from the bridge looking towards Lillooet on the right.

The Fraser looking north from the Old Bridge.
Yellow Warbler around the campsite.
I was taking pictures of the sunset looking west and turned around to find some color in the east.
Some of the campsites will accommodate a pretty good sized rig.
A Gray Catbird popped up as we watched the Goats and Sheep.

Sunset over Seaton Lake.  This lake provides the water for a BC Hydro power project.

All the wildlife in this blog (except for the Lazuli Bunting) were photographed at a picnic site across the road from the campsite.  We have decided we have to return here soon, as we missed a $10 train ride to Seaton Portage, a great museum and a visit to Goldbridge; an historic mining town.  This inaugural extended trip with our new Escape has reinforced our decision that the trailer is going to provide some great camping experiences.

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  1. You guys sure put your trailer to some good use and some of these sunset and scenic shots could be made into some legit postcards Len! Gorgeous shot of the yellow warbler with the berries and the catbirds are stellar as well. Lots of cool wildlife around there with the Bears, sheep and goats! Beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing here's to many more camping adventures!

    1. I can always count on you for a nice comment Mel. Thanks.