Monday, June 26, 2017

Electric Bikes, Alter ego Bikes, eBike

In an effort to exercise and preserve our youth (without too much exertion), Dian and I purchased 2 electric bikes this spring.  They are Alter Ego brand, distributed by a fellow here in Abbotsford.  I have the 500 watt Velovillan and Dian has the smaller 350 watt Sidekick Ultralight.  For prices and specs go to their website:
They can be folded and put into the trunk of a car and easily stored in a condo etc..  Our Swagman RV bike carrier can be attached to our trailer.  This allows us to explore areas that otherwise would be unaccessible to us.  These bikes are a lot of fun and I predict their popularity will increase over the next few years.  Here are a few pictures taken on the Matsqui dyke along the Fraser River.

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  1. That's so cool you guys! I've always wanted to try electric bikes haha. I love how you guys get out all the time and see so much you rock.

    1. You're welcome to try them if we meet on a twitch somewhere. Warning-they are addictive.

  2. The electric bike looks amazing and classy bicycle as it is a hybrid commuter with rack mount Li-on battery and it can bear the maximum speed up to 32km/hr and Electric Motor for Bicycle can take the weight up to 100kg and it is suitable in the hills side road and it is in the affordable range.