Sunday, September 9, 2018

Neah Bay Washington, September 4-7 2018, Sandpipers, Painted Redstart, Sanderling

After the hot summer it was time to load up the trailer and go camping.  There was a report of a Painted Redstart on Cape Flattery.  This was the first record for Washington so we decided to try for it.

The marina at Neah Bay.  
We stayed at Hobuck Campground which is right on the beach.  Services included water, electricity, sewer, and WiFi.  We are the white trailer next to the cabins.
This is the spot where Dian first heard the Redstart singing.  She has better hearing than me. I was the only one to spot it though, as Dian had moved down the boardwalk and before she returned, it was gone.  This has happened before where Dian hears the bird and doesn't get to see it.  Very frustrating!!
This is a Painted Redstart.  It was impossible to get a shot of the one at Flattery Bay so I include this one taken in Arizona a few years ago.
It's migration time and the beach is the perfect spot to find sandpipers.  Here a Western and Least Sandpiper huddle behind some kelp.  
One of the smallest Sandpipers is the Least.  They are gorging themselves on bugs before they head south as far as South America.

A Sanderling joins a Least.  Sanderlings are the palest peep and one of the worlds most wide spread.  They can migrate over 6000 miles.

Their most common predators come from the sky.  They constantly check for incoming raptors.

A pair of Westerns and a Sanderling sprint ahead of the incoming tide.

A Stellar Sea Lion cruises below us at Cape Flattery.
Cape Flattery-the most westerly point of the continental USA.
While we were sea watching at the cape, a helicopter flew over with a backhoe.

It was transporting it to an island just off the Cape.

A young Pigeon Guillemot was trying desperately to swallow this large fish. 
Amazingly, it gulped it down after much maneuvering.

This was the view from our campsite.  There was miles of beach and we hiked a lot of it.  We would have stayed longer but inclement weather was moving in.  

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