Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May 21-27 2019. Visit with the Strombergs, Sooty Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Porcupine

My apologies.  The pictures have mysteriously vanished from this blog.  I will work on it.

          We have just returned from a short trip to the interior.  Our trailer manufacturer (Escape Trailers of Chilliwack) was holding a rally in Osoyoos which is always fun to attend.  Our friends, the Stromberg  invited us to stop in at their property, just north of Princeton, on the way there and we gratefully accepted.  We spent a couple of nights with them before carrying on to the rally.

Here we are with Marion and Gord.  It has been many years since Gord and I sat around a campfire.  Great fun.
One evening Gord and Marion drove us back into the hills where Gord spotted this Porcupine.  

Dian spotted this moose trotting across the clearcut at about 300 meters.
On the way home we camped at Manning Park.  A trip up to a lookout produced a displaying Sooty Grouse.
The grouse had decided it had enough of me and tried to chase me away.  It never touched me but came too close for my camera to focus.
He knows how to look indignant.
Further down the road we found a Spruce Grouse.  I had to get low for this shot.
These birds are surprisingly easy to approach.
178 Escape trailers attended the rally on Osoyoos Lake.  Ours has the pink sign.

This weekend we are off to Newfoundland.  There should be a blog or two in the works on that trip.