Sunday, March 31, 2013

MAR. 28-30 2013 TUSCON AZ. AREA

 Desert Trails RV Park, Tuscon Arizona.  We are tucked into a nice spot beside the owners of Tickleberrys Ice cream.  We always drop into their place when we pass through Okanagan Falls.

Can you spot the Airstream?

Black-throated Grey Warbler in Florida Canyon.

Cactus Wren at our site.

Curve-billed Thrasher; different than the California Thrasher in the previous blog.

Gamble's Quail serenading us.

The Gila Woodpeckers have a nest beside the trailer.

A Hooded Oriole comes to oranges at the trailer.

Florida canyon is a known spot to find Rufous Capped Warblers. It is on the way to Madiera Canyon; a popular birding spot.  This is our fifth time into the canyon and the first time we have got good looks at the bird.  A beautiful hike of about 1 1/2 miles next to a stream in the shade. This bird a great find for us.

We met other birders who had got there before us and were heading out.  None had seen the warbler.

We found it almost immediately as it was singing on top of a tree.

Our agave is a great place to set up an orange buffet.

This Summer Tanager greeted us as we entered Sweetwater Reserve in Tuscon.

A Cassin's Kingbird tosses a bug at Sweetwater.

And catches it.

Harris's Hawk has set up home at Sweetwater.

This concludes the first few days around Tuscon. 

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Journey Starts Here

March 18 was the day we left Abbotsford.  Hauled into Seven Feathers casino in Oregon to spend the night and over ate at the buffet.  Next day we got as far as Fresno and then on to Wagners RV Park in Desert Hotsprings.  What a treat to get in the pool after 3 days of hard driving.  Joshua Tree Park was on our list to visit and we got there on day 4.  We took 3 different hikes before the temperature became uncomfortable (90).  Managed a few pictures;

Black-throated Sparrow

Spiny Lizard

Big Morongo Park Close to Palm Springs was our destination the next day.  Lots people there but we got there around 7AM and got views of a Bobcat as it bounded away.  Couldn't get a picture Darn!!  Met a group from Saskatchewan who put us on to a Barn Owl tucked into a Palm Tree.  Again, no picture as you could only see a glimpse.

Fence Lizard

Black Phoebe

Wagner Hotsprings Park pool

Cheap parking at Wagner Rv Park.

Market Day at Palm Springs

Big Morongo Park is a great place for birds and walking.  A bobcat ran along the boardwalk in front of us here.  Bullock's Oriole is one we see in BC.

Coopers Hawk at Big Morongo.

California Thrasher at RV park.

Oak Titmouse Big Morongo.

Phainopeola was at Joshua Tree Park.

Western Scrubjay Big Morongo.

Joshua Park.

Sunset at Wagner Park towards Los Angeles.

We left Desert Hotsprings Mar. 27 and arrived in Desert Trails RV Park, Tuscon,  after about 6 hours of travelling.  
Got a great huge site with 50 amp power at a good rate here.  Many RVER's are leaving and there are empty spots all over.  The next blog should be available shortly.