Friday, November 25, 2016

November 2016, American Bittern, Barred Owl, Gray Flycatcher, Bushtit, Downy Woodpecker, Yellow-crowned Night Heron

This month the Bittern returned to its fishing spot at Willband and a Grey Flycatcher turned up in Glen Valley.  There were very few days where it never rained and as a result, photographic opportunities were not ideal.  Here is some of what I did manage to capture.
The Bittern at Willband ponds sensed my presence and went into its hiding pose.
It walked along the shoreline and I followed on the trail.  It turned toward me and gave me a territorial warning.   
With its feathers still a bit ruffled, it continued its  shoreline stalk.
A Downy Woodpecker at Willband.
It preened while the rare sun warmed it up.
Last month I had a Barred Owl at the Great Blue Heron Reserve.  This month one appeared at Mill Lake.

This was my favourite shot.  I think the best pictures include some of the environment.
Sumas prairie always produces Red-tailed Hawks but not many pose long enough for a picture.
While in Houston last spring we killed some time at a local reserve (Sheldon Lake State Park).  Yellow-crowned Night Herons were plentiful there.  I forgot to include this with the blog at that time so I thought I would include it here.
The Whiterock pier had a lot of activity in November.  Bonaparte Gulls were feasting on a huge school of tiny fish.
Surf Scoters were also at the pier.
A Gray Flycatcher was found in Glen Valley this month.  Many birders got an opportunity to view this rare (for this area) bird.
 A farmer was dumping manure in a field and it attracted insects which, in turn, attracted the Flycatcher which attracted me.
This Bushtit was just a little too far away for a great picture but the opportunity was there.
A Golden Eagle was on a sandbar at Nicomen Slough.  It was eating a salmon while a young Bald Eagle became impatient.
The annoying youngster was chased off.
It wasn't long before the juvenile returned and was joined by an adult Bald Eagle.  They waited for a share, not daring to upset the Golden.
Back off Baldy!!
I warned you.
Finally the Golden was satiated and walked off.  This was an invitation to the waiting throng to move in.  The squabbling began.
The Golden seemed indifferent to the spectacle the Bald Eagles created as they fought over the scraps.  He watched for about 5 minutes.  Notice the full crop on the Golden. 
Thinking it was being attacked from above, a Bald Eagle flipped over to repel an attack.
It finally had enough of the scene and flew into the trees.
Bald Eagle. The salmon are spawning this time of the year and they always attract a convocation (I looked it up) of eagles.
Here is a shot of Mount Baker from Mill Lake on one of the few sunny days in November.

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